Exploratory Series Funky Drummer Rye Whiskey


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A truly funky spirit, we do a lot at Docs with rye and rum — we even blend our own rums sometimes. One of these is extremely ester forward or as we call it FUNKY.” These casks are entirely from the high-ester Jamaican rums we use in our blends as top notes, contributing molasses, grass, and loads of tropical notes as well as fall fruit flavors. We thought we should make a limited run of our highest rye mash-bill whiskey, coming in at 95% rye, and pair it with one of the funkiest rums youll find. This blend needed to be locked away in these Jamaican rum casks for some time to get these flavors to play nice. The result?  A fine tango of extremely complimentary flavors to excite the senses.


  • 95% rye, 5% Malted Barley

Barrel Types:

  • American white oak 200L
  • Ex-Jamaican High Ester-rum, American oak 200L

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